Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Core Scholarly Activities

  • The CEJS will bring together scholars from a variety of fields to advance scholarship and influence policy by examining the interface between natural systems and human activities such as water use, energy and food production, transportation, recreational activities, conservation of biodiversity, restoration ecology, animal welfare, educational attainment, and by examining a host of other features of the social and political landscape that influence the human valuation and use of Earth’s goods and eco-systems.

    Inspired by the Jesuit commitment to environmental justice, the CEJS will lead with a deep understanding of environmental justice that includes:

    • equitable distribution of environmental hazards and benefits;
    • fair and meaningful participation of all people with regard to environmental decision-making;
    • efforts to address the links between environmental degradation and the abuse of human and animal rights; and
    • efforts to identify and reduce power imbalances, institutional racism, speciesism, and  economic injustice often at the root of the environmental damage suffered disproportionately by communities of color and of impoverished people.

    The CEJS will provide a holistic medium through which scholars can integrate approaches, models and theories to produce new interdisciplinary knowledge that will inform fair environmental management policies and equitable distribution of environmental hazards and benefits.

    The core activities of the CEJS are to promote

    • cross-college EJS scholarship
    • the scholarship of EJS pedagogy
    • regional, national, and global interdisciplinary EJS scholarship
    • community-based EJS projects that shape environmental policies and practices (Table 1).

    Table 1: Summary of core scholarly activities and outcomes, winter 2013 to spring 2015.

    Core Activity Action Period Outcomes
    Cross College Scholarship Up to seven annual faculty and six student fellowships; seminars, workshops, or colloquia 2013-2015 Annual publications, proposals and engagement with the broader community.
    Scholarship of Pedagogy Workshop on EJS Pedagogy 2013-2014 Publications on EJS pedagogy; enhancement of EJS pedagogy for Core courses
    Community-Based Scholarship Up to three community-based student-faculty EJS projects 2013-2015 Annual publications; increase in SU’s visibility as a community leader; engagement with sponsors; SU scholarship directly serving local and global efforts to build a more just and human world. 
    Conversations in Interdisciplinary Scholarship Summer Symposium on Environmental Justice and Sustainability; Environmental Justice Fellow 2014-2015 Development of SU as a leading Jesuit and national institution for EJS scholarship; eBook for conference papers; collaborative scholarship, public symposia and course lectures by EJ Fellow