Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

What You Can Do

  • 1. Vote!   

    • It sounds obvious, but support and elect officials who support environmental protection.  
    • Do your research! Find out the candidates’ views and how they stand on environmental issues.  

    2. Write a letter to the editor.  

    • Suggest actions that others can take to assist your cause. 
    • Elected officials and decision-makers look at the letters-to-the-editor section to follow public opinion on current issues. 

    3. Write or call your elected officials. 

    • The best time to write or call is when decisions are being made – before a vote on a bill or when a regulation has been proposed.  

    4. Become aware of how public policy decisions are made.  

    • Awareness, involvement, issue clarification
    • Alternative identification, consequence analysis, choice
    • Implementation and evaluation

    5. Keep up-to-date!  

    • Sign up for an email listserv with an organization like the Washington Environmental Council to be updated on important local environmental issues. 
    • Like our Facebook page to see what’s going on in the greater Seattle U community. 

    6. Get out on the street! 

    • Join protests, rallies, or marches that support your cause to show power in numbers and to get to know others who share your passion.

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