Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability



Human population growth and climate change continue to burden ecosystems and the availability of natural resources which makes conservation critical. Perhaps more importantly, conservation helps maintain the biodiversity and health of natural ecosystems.

Work we support

Seattle University researchers Tanya Hayes and Felipe Murtinho in the Department of Environmental Studies are investigating how monetary payments affect forest conservation in community-managed forests in Ecuador. The study examines why rural communities choose to participate in payment for forest conservation programs, and how these programs affect conservation behavior, livelihoods and community governance. Read more. 

Upcoming Events

January 30th 7-8:30 PM

Watershed Discipleship 

Ched Myers will discuss a new anthology that examines the critical idea of '"watershed discipleship." This compilation of essays uses a theological and ecological approach to understand our relationship with the earth and one another. Learn more.


CEJS Highlights

Campus Commuting Survey a HUGE success!!

Thank you so much to the 3,037 Seattle University community members who took the campus commuting survey this November! The response rate was amazing: 30% of all students and 51% of all Faculty and Staff responded! The data we collected will be pivotal in the planning of future transportation and sustainability programs, tracking of university members' commuting habits, and the estimation of SU's annual carbon emissions. Click here to learn more about the survey, and check back for more detailed results!