Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Environmental Education


Education teaches us what to pay attention to, influences what we see as important. At its best, environmental education simply provides all of us the opportunity to reconnect with what eminent biologist EO Wilson refers  to as biophilia: the innate love we all have for life. In a time when many are disconnected from the rest of the natural world, what Louv calls "nature deficit disorder," the CEJS is supporting education in a variety of ways. 

Work we support.

The CEJS is addressing the challenges of environmental justice through the support of environmental education programs. Focused on K-12 schools, these environmental literacy programs are intended to strengthen the voices of communities that have experienced adverse health effects due to air, soil and water pollution. We also seek to support community health by educating youth about organic food systems. Read more about Dr. Efird's Danny Woo Garden project.   

The CEJS also supports the improvement of environmental education in K-12 and higher education. Our current projects include the development of new curricula for Seattle University's environmental science program and Dr. Trileigh Tucker's examination of how environmental justice is taught across the country.

CEJS Highlights

Just Sustainability Conference  

Join us at the SU 2016 Conference “Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons” on Aug 7-9.

NCAI President Brian Cladoosby, City of Seattle’s Jessica Finn Coven (OSE Director), and Congressman Adam Smith will open the 3-day conference.

Check out the program, register, and read more here.