May 2018 Bike Everywhere


Bike Everywhere Day, May 18th!

Seattle University is hosting a celebration station on Bike Everywhere Day, May 18th. Hop on your bike or find a bike share lying around campus and join the thousands of bicyclists filling the streets of Seattle. Check out the Bike Everywhere Day celebration station map to see where other stations are located and which ones will be giving away food, swag, and biking information. If you are interested in volunteering at SU's bicycle celebration station, contact Whitney Wedge, SU's transportation coordinator, @ 

Biking Fast Facts

  • Maintaining a bike costs 20x less annually than maintaining and driving a car1
  • Seattle has the 5th largest percentage of workers that commute by bike in the US, with 3.4% of the population commuting by bike3
  • Cycling three hours a week cuts your risk of heart disease by half, and 30 minutes a day reduces risk of breast cancer1
  • Switching from a single occupancy vehicle to biking for a 10 mile commute would save $15 and 33 lbs of carbon dioxide a day. To offset the same amount would mean planting 3 trees per year with each tree needing 40 years to sequester the first year's carbon1
  • Bikes are up to 50% faster than cars during commute hour2

SU and Biking

  • Seattle U has 130 covered and 215 uncovered bike spots
  • You can register your bike in case of theft or damage!
  • Showers and lockers are located on the first floor of the Student Center for commuters
  • Seattle U has a secure bike rack in the Murphey garage, register here to access the rack with your campus card
  • Find bike shares around campus! Look for Limebike or Ofo bikes parked within campus
  • Join the SU cycling club to participate in group rides and races, check out their Facebook page here.
  • Learn more about biking at SU!

May Events at SU for Bike Everywhere Month

  • Friday, May 6th – OAR (Outdoor Adventure Recreation) is offering a free Intro to Mountain Biking trip. Bikes are provided! Sign up here.
  • Friday, May 18th – Bike Everywhere Day at Seattle University. Come and visit the bike celebration station at SU, and learn about bike maintenance, bike safety, bike incentives at SU, and grab a cup of coffee. Want to volunteer or learn more about the events that day? Contact Whitney Wedge, SU’s Transportation Coordinator, at

In the Community

  • The City of Seattle has a Bike Map showing routes, facilities, and amenities for bikers
  • Seattle has two dockless bike sharing programs, just download an app to find the nearest bike. Programs include LimeBike (green) and ofo (yellow)
  • Cascade Bicycle Club hosts rides and tours for cyclists as well as advocating for bike friendly legislation and regulation, building bicycle networks, and keeping cyclists safe
  • Bike Works is a bike repair shop that offers volunteering opportunities for youth and adults, allowing kids to pick out a bike to repair for themselves
  • Need a repair? Swing by Good Weather café, a bike shop down the street from SU, for affordable bike repairs and enjoy some snacks at the café while you wait
  • Check out this list of local shops that sell used bikes!










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