CIG - Step 3

Transportation Expectations

This is an easy step to implement no matter what kind of small business you own. The way you and your customers travel to and from the physical location can have an impact on your overall emissions. These are calculated on the Business Travel and Commuting tabs in the Baseline Tool. You can play around with changing how employees commute and attend conferences to see how it will impact your business. 

How can we improve?


  • Provide safe bicycle storage
  • Encourage or subsidize an Orca Pass
  • Encourage carpooling to work (saves money for parking too!)
  • Set up an excel sheet or rideshare network 
  • For conferences, consider finding regional events or webinars
  • Encourage carpooling or rail to conferences over flying
  • Promote a Work From Home or Hybrid schedule if possible

Two Cartoon characters on a bikeCustomers:

  • Provide safe bicycle storage
  • Offer special promotions for customers to walk, bike or rideshare to your location
  • For example 10% off on April 22 for those who bike, bus or walk to the store

Remember to track these changes on your baseline tool to see how you are improving!