CIG - Step 2

Establish Your Baseline

Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency has a comprehensive tool to help you create your baseline. It is highly detailed but not entirely intuitive to use. We took the power of this tool and made it accessible to busy small business owners in Seattle. This tool will help you create a general baseline that can be compared in future years and is a crucial step in truly understanding your impact on the climate. It focuses on Scopes 1-3 and may not capture every source of emissions for your business.

Access our Seattle Small Business-specific carbon emissions tracking tool here!

Be sure to download and save the file to your computer in order to edit the document each year.

What you need:

  • Fuel Type (e.g. natural gas or fuel oil) and units from your gas or oil  bill (usually in therms)
  • Employee transportation (mode and distance)
  • Product transportation (Weight and distance)
  • Raw material to producer
  • Producer to location
  • Location to customer
  • Waste (type and weight)

Step-by-step instructions for accurately filling out the Baseline Tool

Establishing Your Baseline Scope 4 Emissions

Each business will need different tools to assess its product’s impacts. How many greenhouse gasses are associated with the shirt you are selling or the steak on your menu? What went into producing and shipping these products?

Food & Beverage: Use this Food Emissions Calculator to see the impact of your ingredient choices. 

Stepping stone 6 will help you improve your supply chain and lower Scope 4 emissions.