CIG - Step 1


Making measurable improvements to your small business should boost your profitability and ultimately increase your bottom line.  Seattle consumers are drawn to businesses that take actions to reduce their emissions impact. While many businesses are greenwashing their practices with clever marketing, or the use of eye-catching single-use plastic replacements, consumers are becoming aware of what is really making an impact.  Establishing a baseline for your business and setting goals for future emissions reductions is the single most impactful way to demonstrate real improvement. 

Here are a few ways climate impacts:

Your Business

Sustainability may seem too time-consuming and expensive at first glance, but this is where the city of Seattle is headed. More and more customers expect a company to be working toward sustainable practices. They are not afraid to spend their money at businesses that support their values. In Seattle, that means truly sustainable businesses. The triple bottom line is a full cost accounting framework with three dimensions including economic, environmental and social. Focusing on these three dimensions equally can help improve your business.


Personal Health

The changing climate has negatively impacted many citizens' personal health.

Social Justice

The climate crisis disproportionately impacts minority groups. The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainably has more resources on the impact of climate on our communities. 

The City

Seattle is fortunate to be the City on the Sound. Your customers live in and visit Seattle, often to explore the Pacific Northwest. It is up to all of us to keep it thriving!

Scope Emissions Table of Scope 1 & 2 emissions. Find definition in Key Terms section

Chart of Scope 3 & 4 emissions. See definitions in Key Terms section