Climate Impact

of U.S. electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels

This includes coal and natural gas. The City of Seattle does not contribute to this number due to its commitment to clean energy!

more fossil fuel is used to produce 1lb of grain-fed cattle than 1lb plant protein

A pound of chicken takes twice as many fossil fuels as 1lb of plant protein. Menu options matter!

of customers will purchase a product because a company cares

Customers buy products from organizations that advocate for issues that they, the customers, care about.

Guide to Lowering GHG Emissions

Becoming more sustainable and lowering your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could have a major positive impact on your business! As you implement the following strategies you may see increased customer satisfaction as well as energy resilience and cost savings.

Lowering GHG emissions can be overwhelming. We created a guide to help you navigate the river of resources. Starting with step one and work through the process. While earlier steps may not have the highest impact for each individual business, they may be the easiest to implement. Remember, every step toward reducing GHG emissions is a step in the right direction! 

A commitment to sustainability is long-term. After you create your baseline, we suggest choosing the easiest steps first. Once you have more time and resources, move on to the next step.

The Stepping Stones

Lowering your negative impact on the climate is a process. We broke it down into smaller stepping stones to help you cross the river of information. Some steps have a larger impact than others. The earlier steps may be easier to implement than those that follow. Please contact us ( for assistance in assessing your specific pathway.