Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
2013-2014 Students

Janie Bube

  • A Living-Wall Covered Bike Shed to Encourage Sustainability on Seattle University’s Campus


    image BubeSeattle University is encouraging biking to promote campus-wide sustainability. The bicycling community no longer has enough covered bike racks to temporarily lock their bikes. 

    The purpose of a living-wall covered bike shed is to provide safe and sheltered daily storage for commuting bikers while promoting sustainability. The project consists of a shed that is made of reclaimed lumber and steel, designed to hold around 36 bikes with the possibility of holding more. The roof will have solar panels facing south to maximize energy intake. The solar panels will provide energy for the three interior LED sensor lights and door code lock. The shed will also feature several solar bottled bulbs, which allow the use of daylight without using energy. Any free green space will be filled with plants able to process large volumes of water to decrease mud and runoff. 

    The living-wall bike shed provides support for Seattle University’s mission of being attractively sustainable, while continuing to support a green mode of transportation. This project will increase university pride because of its emphasis on current and future green development.