Sustainability Signage Competition for Residence Halls

Ever wondered what it would feel like to see your artwork in a public space? Well look no further! CEJS is calling on YOU to create designs for printable signage that will be used at SU campus res halls. If you are interested, please read the following instructions: Sketch of a student drawing on a paper which reads



Your role is to create signage to remind residents of small behavioral changes with a great environmental impact. Some ideas 

  1. Turn off lights and electronics when exiting rooms
  2. Take shorter showers
  3. Reduce waste by utilizing double-sided printing
  4. Communicate to facilities about any energy or water issues (e.g. heater issues, water leakage, window's not closing well, toilet continuously running etc.) 
  5. Use a power strip for electronics
  6. Close windows when heaters are on
  7. Walk instead of using the elevator
  8. ...


 The type of signage can be:

  • Reminder stickers 
  • Impact Signage
  • Location-specific signage (e.g. shower and bathroom stalls, near paper towel dispensers, bathroom mirror) 
  • If you are needing some inspiration, scroll down to the end of this page!



  • All submissions should be sent in PDF format
  • Dimensions: designed to fit on a 8.5" x 11" paper; stickers should fit within a 3" x 3" square
  • Please send your submissions to Yolanda Cieters at 
  • Deadline: Friday, May 7th by 11:59 PM. 

There can be more than one winner! We are looking for a diverse range of stylistic approaches and signage. The more the merrier! 



Email: Yolanda Cieters, Sustainability Manager for CEJS, at or Alyssa Lau, graphic designer for CEJS, at 


Examples from others for inspiration

Reminder Signage/Stickers

Signage example 1 Signage example 2 Signage example 3 Signage example 4



Impact Signage

Signage example: Impact Signage


Location Specific Signage

Location Specific Signage Example


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