Virtual Poster Session

Bound By Whiteness: Common Ground in Land Reclamation


Delaney Piper


Environmental Studies

Seattle University

2015-2016 CEJS Fellow



Finding Areas of Motion Using Camera-Trap Photos


Sarah Beery and Agnieszka Miguel, Ph.D.


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Seattle University

2015-2016 CEJS Fellow


Reflection and Sustainable Habits: Engaging Students in Carbon Emissions Reductions Across 9 Courses


Taylor Jones and Rachel Sangsland


Jones - Communication and Sustainable Urban Development

Sangsland - Environmental Studies

University of Washington-Tacoma




Sediment Transport Analysis in the Stillaguamish River


Alex Buescher and Steven Millett


Buescher - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Millet - Civil Engineering 

 Seattle University




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