Past Student Fellows

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2015-2016 Students


Sarah Beery

Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mathematics

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Agnieszka Miguel

"Snow Leopard Identification Using Digital Image Processing for Spot Pattern"


Alex Buescher and Steven Millett

Buescher (left) - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Millett (right) - Civil Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wes Lauer

"Sediment Transport Analysis in the Stillaguamish River"


Eric Kennedy

Environmental Science and Business Economics

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wes Lauer

"Aerial Image Analysis of the North Fork Stillaguamish River"



Delaney Piper

Environmental Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Luft

"Whiteness: Implications of Anti-Racism for Social and Ecological Healing"




2014-2015 Students


Kaitlyn Hammond

Environmental StudiesFaculty Mentor: Dr. J. Wesley Lauer

"Quantifying River Corridor Ecosystem Services"


 Gabe Kaemignk  


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patrick Murphy

"Implementing Environmentally Responsible Biomedical Laboratory Practices and Developing a Model for Use in Student-Faculty Research at Seattle University" 


 Nicholas Manlove

Physics and Interdisciplinary Arts 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patrick Murphy 

"Developing a Nonradioactive Alternative Pharmacological Research Technique for Assaying Drug-Receptor Interactions"


SU Stormwater Team

Faculty Mentor: Dr. J. Wesley Lauer

"A Reassessment of Seattle University Stormwater Infrastructure Incorporating Green Infrastructure Designs"




2013-2014 Students



Eric Marshall  


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sue Jackels

"Potato Taste Defect in Rwandan Coffee"



Janie Bube

Environmental Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carlos Herrera

"A Living-Wall Covered Bike Shed to Encourage Sustainability on SU's Campus"


Jon Polka

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wes Lauer

Patrick Berg

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Henry Louie

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