Fellowship Q&A

This Q & A was conducted with Janie Bube, class of 2014.

What advice would you give students who are considering applying to be a CEJS fellow?

Go for it! I never expected being accepted. I worked on my application during spring break in Death Valley. You never know what will happen till you try. If you have an interesting idea or project, try it out.

What were some of the most rewarding aspects about being a CEJS fellow?
Since my fellowship was project based, instead of primarily research based, I was able to work with professionals in the field, students, staff, and faculty. I worked with a multidisciplinary team that I would otherwise never had the opportunity to work with. The fellowship opened up design opportunities I never would have had. I even was inspired to apply for a conference and speak as part of a panel because of the CEJS fellowship opportunity.

How did you grow as a person?
Once I started my research and my project I realized I wanted to actually implement it, which meant pitching the idea to various departments and clubs around campus. I learned how to put proposals, budgets, and detailed presentations together. I learned how to articulate my passion and enthusiasm in ways others could get on board with, which has served me well since.

How did your fellowship prepare you for being out in the real world?
It has opened up doors I never would have imagined. It reconnected me with my true academic passions and helped me start my portfolio of projects. I learned the importance of flexibility when it comes to design particularly when working with clients. I also learned the painfully slow process of implementation of projects.

How were you challenged in ways that you were not in your other classroom and internship experiences at SU?
I had some pretty interesting class projects and internships during my time at SU. The fellowship, however, prepared me in ways neither projects or internships could. I got to come up with my own idea, work with professionals, evolve the concept, fund raise, and pitch it for implementation. I do not think there was any other project that prepared me for project management and implementation as the fellowship did.