Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Bullitt Center

  • Grey Water Testing at the Bullitt Center

    When the world's greenest office building opens in March 2013, Seattle University students will be there. The Bullitt Foundation’s Bullitt Center addresses the Living Building Challenge and will be a zero-net-energy and zero-net-water facility. The six story building is covered in solar panels, so even in rainy Seattle, it will produce more energy than it uses on an average day. The 55,000 gallon storage tank in the basement of the building will collect rain water to meet tenant water demands, and most of the building’s waste will be processed on-site. This includes grey water from sinks and showers which will be treated in a third-story wetland treatment system.
    Under the supervision of Professor Phillip Thompson, SU students will evaluate the performance of the treatment system by verifying that the treated water complies with the Washington State Department of Health’s water quality requirements. Performance data for all of the building’s systems will be published and shared with architects and engineers around the world who are developing similar sustainable facilities.

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