Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability



Policies for zoning laws or taxes can for many of us seem at first blush like a distant, dry, even boring, topic. But policies have very real impacts on all of us, every day. Consider your own neighborhood: the height of the buildings, the presence of green space, the accessibility and affordability of healthy food or public transportation. Or, in rural communities, consider the kind of agriculture and irrigation employed and access to clean water.  All of these everyday realities are affected by policy decisions.

Policies therefore also connect to justice. Low-income, minority communities are more likely to be negatively impacted by ecological degradation and pollution than those with political or economic power. The Jesuit call to work for justice requires that we engage in addressing the policies, then, that make a more just society more, or less, possible.

Work we support. 

Tanya Hayes teaches environmental policy and has an international focus in her research. Tom Antkowiak’s interests include international human rights and indigenous rights. Catherine O'Neill  focuses on issues of justice in environmental law and policy.