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Environmental Justice


We define environmental justice (EJ) as the empowerment of people to advocate for the health of natural and built environments and for the equitable distribution of environmental benefits and burdens throughout all communities.   

 The “environment” is not some distant place we seek to protect, but incorporates the places where we live, work, play, pray and learn. Environmental justice advocates link social and environmental concerns, thereby seeking “to challenge the abuse of power which results in poor people having to suffer the effects of environmental damage caused by the greed of others,” as stated by the South African Environmental Justice Networking Forum. 

Work we support.

Seattle University's  Cynthia Moe-Lobeda’s book on environmental justice,  Resisting Structural Evil: Love as Ecological-Economic Vocation was released in March. Trileigh Tucker of the Environmental Studies department is working on a CEJS-sponsored research project to develop an EJ teaching resource based on an analysis and inventory of current practices in college EJ education.  

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Call for Fellowship Applications 

CEJS is proud to support the scholarship of faculty and students engaged in EJS endeavors every year. Fellowships focus on sustainability in all fields and all SU students and faculty are eligible to apply. Learn more about fellowships

The applications for 2017-2018 fellowships are now available here

Applications are due by January 9th, 2017.