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December: Fair Trade Month!

With the spirit of gift giving and community being in the air as the Holiday season approaches, we encourage all SU students, staff, faculty, and alumni to consider not only the impact the gifts you give have on the recipient, but on those who created them as well! CEJS will be hosting a Fair Trade Fair on December 1st in Campion Ballroom where you can explore and shop for fair trade items for everyone on your list! Learn More!

  • Did you know Seattle University was the first University in the PNW to earn the designation of a “Fair Trade University?”
  • Seattle University demonstrates their commitment to Fair Trade through the direct sale of Fair Trade products on campus, partnerships with coffee farmers in Nicaragua, and a dedication to selling Fair Trade certified food options in all campus restaurants and cafes.
  • Quan Le, a CEJS Fellow and Albers Professor, is using educational events to teach marketing methods while promoting the sale of the Fair-Trade coffee Café Ambiental produced from the SU-Nicaraguan coffee farmer partnership. He is also working with the coffee farmers to help them reach the specialty coffee market in Seattle area.

About CEJS

CEJS serves as a clearinghouse for Seattle University’s environmental programs and sustainability initiatives. If you have any questions about CEJS, campus sustainability, CEJS events, or have an interest in partnering: please contact us at

Sustainability Stewardship

CEJS tracks SU’s progress towards its Climate Action Plan goals and promotes the increase of sustainable practices at SU. Read more:                   



CEJS works to expand sustainability in Academic Affairs by supporting interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and learning in environmental justice and sustainability. Read more:


Community Engagement

CEJS seeks to develop co-curricular programs for students and faculty. Read more:                                                                                              

Upcoming Events

DECEMBER 1, 2016 

Fair Trade Fair - Support fair gift giving! Open to ALL! Learn More

CEJS Highlights

Campus Commuting Survey a HUGE success!!

Thank you so much to the 3,037 Seattle University community members who took the campus commuting survey this November! This information will be pivotal in the planning of future programs, tracking of university member's habits, and estimation of Seattle University's annual carbon emissions. Check back for more detailed results!