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 Note: this information is intended as a reference for faculty who are currently using VoiceThread. If you are thinking about starting to use VoiceThread in your courses, it is strongly recommended that you contact CDLI (cdli@seattleu.edu | 206.296.5456) to schedule a consultation to learn about VoiceThread alternatives. VoiceThread at SeattleU will be removed from Canvas December 17th, 2018 and discontinued on June 30, 2019Arc is a great alternative to VoiceThread. 


VoiceThread is an asynchronous multimedia discussion tool that allows faculty and students to upload, share and discuss documents, presentations, images, audio files and videos. Over 50 different types of media can be used in a VoiceThread. Faculty and students can comment on a VoiceThread using a microphone, webcam, text, audio-file upload and even a phone call. 



Note: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred internet browsers for VoiceThread.




Tip: please see the Private, Direct, and Threaded video from VoiceThread for an overview of new commenting options. You will need to change the playback settings on an individual VoiceThread to enable threaded comments for you and your students. Private and direct comments are enabled by default.
  • Additional How-to Guides explain advanced functionality including: allowing commenters to add slides, searching for comments on your VoiceThread, quickly finding new comments on your VoiceThread, importing media from other VoiceThreads, etc.
Tip: need your students to create their own VoiceThread presentations? Please see the VoiceThread section of the student help guides for instructions.


VoiceThread Support

VoiceThread provides assistance to SU faculty, staff and students who are encountering technical problems. Phone and email support is provided 6AM - 3PM (PST) Monday - Friday.

Get answers fast from the Canvas support team:

Faculty Canvas Support Hotline: 833-250-2081

Email: support@instructure.com

Note: Your students should contact the Student Support Hotline at: 844-668-0893


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