What’s New in Canvas – Fall 2017

If you have questions about any of these updates, there is help available. Canvas support can be accessed 24/7. Call the Canvas Support Hotline at (844) 668-0893 or e-mail support@instructure.com. Representatives from Instructure are able to access your course and assist you with almost any Canvas-related questions and issues. The Center for Digital Learning & Innovation also offers individual consultations and weekly workshops related to Canvas and other instructional technologies if you prefer in person support or like the look of our Lego calendar. 

File Quota Storage Limits

There is now a file storage limit of 500mbs per course. The vast majority of courses at Seattle University are well below that limit. However, if you are unable to upload files to your course, or want to determine how close you are to reaching the limit, please reference the Faculty Guide – Reducing Canvas File Quota Size guide.

Kaltura Video Management

Canvas has an integrated video management platform known as Kaltura. Kaltura allows you to upload videos, create and edit closed captions, and create video quizzes. Go to CDLI Help for our complete set of Kaltura guides. Media uploaded to Kaltura does not count toward the course file storage limit noted above.

Photo Roster Currently Unavailable

The old Photo Roster in Canvas has been discontinued. A new process for generating class photo rosters is being created through the RevSU project and we expect it to be released this fall. In the interim, if you need a photo roster, it is likely your department administrative assistant can generate one through SUDDS.

Turnitin Discontinued

Seattle University is no longer contracted with Turnitin due to a combination of low utilization, technical deficiencies, and significant cost increases. We realize that for a handful of faculty, this is unwelcome news. A faculty-focused web page containing resources and tips to help you identify possible plagiarized materials has been developed by the Associate Provost and can be found at www.seattleu.edu/academic-integrity.