submitting time stamped arc videos as a student

How do I submit an Canvas Studio video with comments as an assignment?

Step 1. Open the assignment submission page:

Step 2. Click on the Submit Assignment button:

Step 3. Click on the Arc icon in the Rich Content Editor:

Step 4. Click on the video you want to submit:

Step 5. Ensure that "Allow Comments" [1] is turned on and then click Embed [2]:

Step 6. Scroll up to view your video:

Step 7. Move the playhead [1] to the time in the video where you would like to leave your comment, then enter the comment in the comment field [2] and press the "Comment at" button [3] to submit your comment at the desired time: 

Step 8. Once you have completed making comments on your video at your desired times, click the "Submit Assignment" button  to submit your video with comments: