Discussion Reply

How do I reply to a discussion with a webcam video?


Step 1. Once in the discussion, click reply and select the Studio icon from the Rich Content Editor. 

Step 2. Click the Record Icon [1] and select Webcam Capture [2] 

Step 3. A pop-up in the top left corner may appear requiring you to give Canvas Studio permission to use your webcam and microphone. Click "Allow." 

Step 4. Click "Start Recording" to begin recording your video. 

Step 5. Click "Finish" to stop recording. 

Step 6. Enter the name of your video [1] and then click save [2].

Step 7. You will receive a green check mark [1] once your video has uploaded and processed. Then hover over you video and click "Select This" [2] to embed your video.

Step 8. Keep "Allow Comments" [1] on if you would like others to be able to comment at specific points in your video and then click "Embed" [2] to add your video to your discussion reply.

Step 9. Click "Post Reply" in the Canvas discussion board to submit your video reply.