Winter 2022 Virtual Start Resources

Seattle University will deliver most of its courses virtually during the first several weeks of Winter Quarter 2022. To assist faculty in transitioning to virtual delivery, CDLI is providing the following resources:

Canvas-Zoom Integration

Most faculty will decide to hold their virtual start classes on Zoom. Since Seattle University's Canvas instance includes a Zoom integration, faculty can create and manage Zoom sessions for their class within Canvas. The integration ensures that students have quick and easy access to their course Zoom meetings; it also allows them to access any published Zoom recordings for their courses. To help you get up and running, check out our online Zoom resources including CDLI's guide on using the Zoom integration in Canvas.

Using Classroom Cameras to Record using Canvas-Zoom integration

Once faculty return to the classroom, IT Services has equipped each classroom with a camera enabling Zoom recordings of the instructor. These recordings will be available to students in Canvas when the instructor follows these instructions for recording using the Canvas-Zoom integration.

Canvas Course Templates

If you need help formatting your course for virtual delivery in Canvas, CDLI has several ready-made Canvas course templates to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Canvas 24/7 Support

24/7 Canvas Support for faculty is available by calling 833-250-2081 or by clicking on the Help icon in the left-hand navigation of Canvas and selecting Live Chat. Students also have access to live chat as well as a dedicated 24/7 student support line at 844-668-0893.


During the week of December 27-30, CDLI will offer Winter Virtual Start workshops for faculty. These workshops will cover using Canvas and Zoom to deliver courses, the Canvas-Zoom integration, and using the CDLI virtual start templates. After the beginning of 22WQ, CDLI will offer Canvas Basics and Teaching With Zoom, along with other offerings. Sign up for a workshop here.

Individual Consultations

If you have specific questions, problems, or concerns regarding moving online for the Winter Virtual Start before January 3, we invite you to reach out to to schedule an individual consultation.

Online Support Guides

In addition to the resources above, CDLI also offers online support guides to help you teach with technology. Visit the CDLI Help Center for complete resources for both faculty and students.