Fall 2021 Online Resources

In order to support faculty in moving their courses online for the last two weeks of fall quarter, CDLI has put together a series of workshops and online resources.

2-Week Template

This 2-week Canvas template will help organize the online delivery of your course. You can preview the template here; if you find it useful, you can download the template and import it into your course shell. Note: If you already use one of our full templates then you’re already all set.  

Preview the 2 Week Template

Download the Two Week Template (.imscc)

Get instructions to import template

Zoom Resources and Workshop

If you don’t have experience teaching with Zoom (or would like to brush up on your skills) you are welcome to sign up for a Teaching With Zoom workshop. This workshop covers using Zoom for online teaching, scheduling class meetings using the Canvas-Zoom tool, setting up Zoom office hours, and effective use of the various features of Zoom. RSVP for a session here.

Individual Consultations

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding teaching online during this time, we invite you to sign up for an Individual Consultation to work one on one with CDLI staff. If you can’t find a scheduled time that works for you, reach out to cdli@seattleu.edu to schedule one that does.

Canvas 24/7 Support

24/7 Canvas Support for faculty is available by calling 833-250-2081 or by clicking on the Help icon in the left hand navigation of Canvas and selecting Live Chat. Students also have access to live chat as well as a dedicated 24/7 student support line at 844-668-0893.

Online Support Guides

In addition to 24/7 support, we also offer online support guides to help you teach with technology. Visit the CDLI Help Center for complete resources for both faculty and students.