Online Education Task Force

Seattle University Online Education Task Force

As Seattle University’s schools and colleges begin to develop and expand their online and hybrid offerings, it is important to ensure that these initiatives align with Seattle University’s mission, be sustainable and operationally achievable, and respond to the online educational needs of our region. They should also be supported by robust administrative, student support, and technological infrastructures and appropriate governance mechanisms.

In order to explore potential online education opportunities, ensure the alignment of these initiatives with Seattle University’s mission, and determine the resources, infrastructure, and governance necessary to realize them, we have established a university level task force. The task force was appointed by the President and includes faculty and staff from academic units with expertise or interest in this area. The task force also includes members from university administrative units likely to be impacted by expanding this student population.



Rick Fehrenbacher, Center for Digital Learning & Innovation
Jeff Philpott, University Core
Kirsten Thompson, Arts and Sciences

Faculty Representatives

Lyn Gualtieri, College of Science and Engineering
Andy Kim, College of Science and Engineering
Ben Kim, Albers School of Business and Economics
Erica Martin, School of Theology and Ministry
Dylan Medina, School of New and Continuing Studies

Unit Representatives

Reilly Curran, Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons
Suki Kwon, University Advising Network
Melore Nielsen, Enrollment Services
Francesca Nisco, Marketing and Communications
Andrew O’Boyle, University Finance
Eva Sedgwick, Summer Session
Jane Snare, Center for Digital Learning & Innovation
Alvin Sturdivant, Student Development
Chris Van Liew, Information Technology Services

Faculty Attitudes on Online Education

Please consider taking our survey about faculty attitudes on online education. Your answers will remain anonymous and will only be reported in aggregate.


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Find information, reports, and task force documents in the Resources page.