Canvas Template

Canvas 10-Week Course Template and Zoom Integration

This Canvas 10-week course template is designed to help you quickly convert your face-to-face course to distance delivery for this fall quarter. By using two dependable and fairly easy-to-use applications (Zoom Web Conferencing and the Canvas Learning Management System) you can continue to teach your course and communicate with your students. To help faculty with this task, CDLI has developed the following resources:

1. Faculty Fall Quarter Canvas Instructional Continuity Template and Guide

In most cases, using Canvas and Zoom in a thoughtful way will allow you continue instruction when you can’t meet face-to-face.  To facilitate this, CDLI has developed an easy-to-use instructional continuity template. Downloading and importing the template to your Canvas course will give you a ready-made ten-week Canvas course shell that will help you:

  • Use the integrated Zoom tool within your Canvas course to host regularly scheduled classes and office hours at a distance.
  • Automatically record any Zoom class meetings so that students who can’t make it to scheduled live sessions, either through illness or connectivity issues, will be able to review and catch up.
  • Build out your course quickly since the template comes equipped with ten modules that include weekly discussions and assignments—all you have to do is add your own text and points values.
  • Share your course materials in Canvas
  • Use Canvas to send course messages to students

If you are already comfortable with both Zoom and Canvas, you may not need this template. Regardless of your situation, you may want to review the template and guide for ideas or to decide whether to import it into your course.

If you have students with accommodation requests, contact Disability Services to ensure your online content and assignments are accessible and address student needs.

2. The CDLI Instructional Continuity Workshops

CDLI hosts workshops via Zoom to assist faculty in the implementation and use of the Instructional Continuity Template, Zoom, and Canvas. In the workshop you will learn how to upload the template into one of your own empty courses; set up Zoom meetings and office hours for the quarter; make sure that your meetings are automatically recorded and available to students as needed; and edit the template’s pages, discussions, assignments and file links to customize it for your own course content.

Register for a Canvas Basics: Fall Quick Start Workshop

Register for a Zoom Workshop

3. Additional Guides and Support

The CDLI Help Center provides in-depth guides, resources, and support for faculty and students using CDLI-supported learning technologies, including Zoom and Canvas.

Faculty and students also have access to 24/7 Canvas support through Instructure and quick Zoom support through the ITS Service Desk.