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The integration of transition skills into the curriculum can be a daunting task for most. It requires careful planning and alignment with curriculum in order to maximize results. On the following pages CCTS has attempted to provide resources to assist teachers with this integration. The CCTS staff are available for consultations in this area.

Many local and national organizations provide resources related to the teaching of transition skills. CCTS has tried to provide a list of organizations that provide transition related information. This is by no means a comprehensive listing but a short list of resources that we think might be helpful. If you know of an organization that you would like added to the list please email CCTS.

These resources give students with disabilities a number of options for employment, higher education, and workforce training after high school. They help transitioning students gain access to opportunities they may not otherwise receive.

Training Offerings

It is suggested that CCTS trainings occur in the sequence listed below. Click the training title to learn more and/or request that training. 

This interactive workshop focuses on identifying and describing the components of transition planning, determining the presence or absence of transition components within the IEP, and exploring resources for the various components of transition planning.

This training focuses on the importance of student engagement in the IEP process and steps for developing student skill sets, focusing on self-determination. Participants explore supporting instructional materials that can be infused into existing curriculum, identify participation formats to support students in leading their meetings, and develop a plan for next steps in their district(s).

This highly interactive training focuses on the components for developing meaningful job shadowing experiences, linking activities into transition instruction and age appropriate assessment practices, steps and components for developing individual or group job shadowing sites, and planning for next steps within your district(s).

CCTS informational materials have moved! You can find them under Transition Services/Material Requests