Professional Development Workshops

As one of OSPI's five Washington State Needs Projects, CCTS offers free in-person trainings to groups of 20 or more participants in ESDs, school districts, and agencies throughout Washington state. Please review the details below before requesting a CCTS training. 

How Our Trainings Work

Format and Materials

  • CCTS trainings are interactive, and audience participation is required!
  • Trainings are typically provided for groups of 20 or more attendees. Consider partnering with other schools or districts to meet this minimum requirement.
  • Information is delivered by the facilitator through a PowerPoint presentation.
  • All training participants need access to a computer and internet connection.
  • Participants receive a digital copy of the presentation materials to follow along throughout the training. CCTS does not supply hard copies.
  • Writing Effective Transition Plans training only - participants need to bring a transition IEP or have access to a digital one.


  • CCTS offers trainings free of charge. Training hosts may collect fees for Clock Hours and/or lunch (if applicable), but not for the training itself.
  • If the training host requires support for facility rental or other training-related expenses, please provide details in the notes section of your application.  

Clock Hours

  • Clock Hours can be made available to training participants, but it's up to the training host to apply for and coordinate those details.
  • CCTS provides the training host with supporting paperwork once the training is scheduled.

Scheduling a Training

  • Trainings are scheduled based on CCTS availability. 
  • Please determine four possible training dates before completing the training request form. We will do our best to accommodate your first choice.
  • If you have questions about trainings, please email or call 206-296-6494.

Training Offerings

It is suggested that CCTS trainings occur in the sequence listed below.

Writing Effective Transition Plans

  • This interactive workshop focuses on identifying and describing the components of transition planning, determining the presence or absence of transition components within the IEP, and exploring resources for the various components of transition planning.
  • CCTS recommends that participants are familiar with the content in this training before registering for additional CCTS trainings.

Learn more about Writing Effective Transition Plans and/or request this training.

Student-Led IEPs

  • This training focuses on the importance of student engagement in the IEP process and steps for developing student skill sets, focusing on self-determination. Participants explore supporting instructional materials that can be infused into existing curriculum, identify participation formats to support students in leading their meetings, and develop a plan for next steps in their district(s).
  • CCTS recommends that participants are familiar with the content in our Writing Effective Transition Plans training before registering for Student-Led IEPs. 

Learn more about Student-Led IEPs and/or request this training.

Developing Job Shadow Experiences

  • This highly interactive training focuses on the components for developing meaningful job shadowing experiences, linking activities into transition instruction and age appropriate assessment practices, steps and components for developing individual or group job shadowing sites, and planning for next steps within your district(s).
  • CCTS recommends that participants are familiar with the content in our Writing Effective Transition Plans and Student-Led IEP trainings before registering for this workshop. 

Learn more about Developing Job Shadow Experiences and/or request this training.