Working More Effectively with CLD Youth

2016 Cultural Competency Webinar Series Archive

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The "Working More Effectively With Diverse Youth & Families in Transition" Webinar Series is designed to give participants a rich overview of important issues involving students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. 

To ensure every student has the opportunity to achieve the positive transition outcomes to which they are entitled, it is critical for all teachers, caregivers and support staff to have a basic grasp of CLD issues, best practices, and the resources and supports available.

The series covers critical topics linking the specific challenges facing CLD students, their families and the caregivers who support them. In the context of CLD students with disabilities, participants will explore cultural competency, transition, language access laws, adult service eligibility, agency collaboration, and person-centered planning. 

Live CCTS webinars are open captioned. Please email to request a copy of the caption transcript (be sure to include the webinar's title).

1. Meaningful Transition Planning for CLD Youth With Disabilities

This webinar will: (a) visit postsecondary outcomes and the impacts on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students in Washington, (b) discuss how to engage CLD families in transition planning to achieve better postsecondary outcomes, and (c) strategize how professionals and agencies could increase their capacity to serve CLD families. 

Download: Meaningful Transition Planning for CLD Youth With Disabilities PowerPoint

2. Working with an Interpreter

Learn about laws related to language access and parental rights on getting an interpreter. Additionally, learn practical tips and gain tools to work more effectively with interpreters at different meetings with CLD students and their parents.

Download: Working with an Interpreter PowerPoint


3. Adult Service Eligibility for Immigrant & Refugee Students

This webinar will focus on: (a) eligibility criteria for adult services (DDA, School-to-Work, etc.), (b) potential structural barriers for immigrant/refugee families, and (c) practical tips on better supporting CLD students navigate adult service system.

Download: Adult Service Eligibility for Immigrant & Refugee Students PowerPoint

4. Working Model—Cultural Brokering & Collaborative Partnerships

Learn about ‘cultural brokering’ and how this service-delivery model can effectively serve CLD students and their families. Learn more about how Open Doors serve families and collaborate with schools and other organizations.

Download: Working Model - Cultural Brokering and Collaborative Partnerships PowerPoint

5. Culturally Responsive Person Centered Planning

Learn more about ‘Person Centered Planning’ as a transition planning tool for CLD students. We will look at PCP through cultural lens and explore ways for professionals to be culturally responsive when supporting CLD families.

Download: Culturally Responsive Person Centered Planning PowerPoint

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