Postsecondary Education & Training

2014-2015 Webinar Series Archive

The "Postsecondary Education & Training" Webinar Series is designed to give the participant an overview of the many transition services available to support a student’s transition from high school to postsecondary education and training.

It is important that the IEP team members plan coordinated services that will help the student make progress toward their postsecondary transition goals. This series focuses on postsecondary education for all students—including non-traditional college options.

Live CCTS webinars are open captioned. Please email to request a copy of the caption transcript (be sure to include the webinar's title).

1. Access Overview

Learn how to utilize CCTS resources in your district to improve post-school outcomes and for an overview of major topics facing students with disabilities transitioning to postsecondary education.

Download: Access Overview PowerPoint

2. Strategies for Success

Self-determination and self-advocacy are key attributes students should possess for success beyond graduation. Learn how these skills can be acquired in high school and applied in higher education environments.

Download: Strategies for Success PowerPoint

3. Identifying Options

What are the education opportunities for students with disabilities post-high school? Options including online education, vocational education, and 2- and 4-year colleges and universities are reviewed.

Download: Identifying Options PowerPoint

4. Applying for Admissions

Navigating admissions is challenging for everyone. This webinar explores admissions issues specific to students with disabilities.

Download: Applying for Admissions PowerPoint

5. IDEA vs. ADA and 504

Explore how students with disabilities are impacted by the differences in law when transition between k-12 schools and higher education.

Download: IDEA vs ADA and 504 PowerPoint

6. Accommodations

Students with disabilities must seek their own accommodations after leaving high school. This webinar explores what to expect and how this process works at different types of postsecondary institutions.

Download: Accommodations PowerPoint

7. Affordable?

Explore financial aid resources and opportunities to finance postsecondary education.

Download: Affordable? Powerpoint

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