All Roads Lead to Employment

2013-2014 Webinar Series Archive

The "All Roads Lead to Employment" Webinar Series explores assessments, resources, and lesson plans in the area of emotional intelligence, self-determination, self-advocacy, independent living, and supports for employment to ensure that students with disabilities receive the services and supports necessary to pursue their post-school expectations.

Live CCTS webinars are open captioned. Please email to request a copy of the caption transcript (be sure to include the webinar's title).

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1. Skills for Employment: Your GPS Guide

Learn how to utilize CCTS resources in your district to improve post-school outcomes. We will review our resources, introduce new resources, and set transition goals for the new year.

Download: Skills for Employment: Your GPS Guide PowerPoint

2. Skills for Employment: Emotional Intelligence

We will discuss communication, language, and personal habits that affect employment. Learn practical ways to assess students, teach skills and embed employment skills instruction into your existing curriculum.

Download: Skills for Employment: Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint

3. Skills for Employment: Self-Determination

Learn how to assess and teach self-determination skills throughout the school day. We will explore free resources and lesson plans.

Download: Skills for Employment: Self-Determination PowerPoint

4. Skills for Employment: Self-Advocacy

We will discuss empowerment for life after high school, and how to assess and teach self-advocacy.

Download: Skills for Employment: Self-Advocacy PowerPoint

5. Skills for Employment: Independent Living

Join CCTS and Washington Sensory Disability Services (WSDS) in a joint webinar focused on assessing, teaching, and embedding independent living skills into your curriculum.

Download: Skills for Employment: Independent Living PowerPoint

6. Skills for Employment: Supports for Employment

The Special Education Technology Center (SETC) will be our guest as we discuss the issue of assistive technology as a support within the transition framework.

Download: Supports for Employment PowerPoint

7. Skills for Employment: Your Post-School GPS Guide

Learn how to write postsecondary goals and transition services based on your employment assessments. Remember, all roads lead to employment.

Download: Your Post-School GPS Guide PowerPoint