Online Data Collection

Updated 11/30/18

Transition Systemic Framework 2.0

The Transition System Framework 2.0 (TSF2) is a platform developed and maintained by CCTS. You must be employed by a school, district, or ESD in the state of Washington to receive access to the TSF2.

To be added to the TSF2, please contact your district's data manager or the person who manages the Post-School Survey. If you're not sure who this person is, contact your district's special education office. For further assistance, email

Links to TSF2

Although the extensions are different (.org/.com), both addresses take users to the same site.

TSF2 User Manuals

Available in two formats: 


Data Requests

CCTS Data Request Form
Click the link above to request customized data reports pertaining to your district, ESD, or agency. Please allow CCTS one week to process and fulfill your request.