Online Data Collection

Updated 4/10/18

Introducing TSF 2.0

CCTS is pleased to announce Part 1 of a phased release of the new Transition Systemic Framework, TSF 2.0. Although the main functions have not changed, current TSF users will find improved navigation along with a new look and feel.

A significant part of TSF 2.0 is improved security. TSF users should expect to reset their passwords when logging into the system for the first time. 

As we launch this new site, we expect users to have questions. Stay tuned for more details once the site is live, and please email CCTS for technical support

Links to TSF 2.0

TSF 2.0 launched on two new URL addresses, listed below. We hope these addresses are easier to remember, and we encourage all current users to set a bookmark. Note: Although the extensions are different (.org/.com), both addresses take users to the same site.

TSF 2.0 User Manuals

Available in two formats: 

Leaver Verification by June 1, 2018

Please verify leavers for 2016-17 school year in the TSF 2.0. Instructions for verifying leavers are available in the TSF 2.0 User Manuals, listed above. 

Login to TSF 2.0 (.com) to verify leavers or

Login to TSF 2.0 (.org) to verify leavers

Is TSF 1.0 Still Active?

As of April 9, 2018, the existing Transition Systemic Framework (TSF) is available for reports only. Users must use their original login credentials to access TSF 1.0.

Log in to the TSF 1.0 to access post-school outcome data reports


Data Requests

CCTS Data Request Form
Click the link above to request customized data reports pertaining to your district, ESD, or agency. Please allow CCTS one week to process and fulfill your request.