Helen's ACHIEVEment

Posted by CCTS on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 10:43 AM PDT

Congratulations to Helen for successfully completing her internship with SU's College of Education and CCTS! Helen, a student in Highline College's ACHIEVE program, joined our teams in March. She has been a tremendous help in our offices, providing support on a number of administrative projects. In addition to her strong computer and clerical skills, Helen's positive attitude and commitment to special education advocacy were welcome additions to our departments. We're going to miss having her in the office, but are excited for her future opportunities! 

One of Helen's hidden talents is that she's a skilled creative writer. On her last day of work, we asked Helen to write a few words about what this internship experience has meant to her, and any message she wanted to share with special education teachers and administrators across the state. Read on to view her full reflection. 

From the desk, in Jay and Gina’s room, in the College Of Education, here at Seattle University, I am writing to all of you about my experience here, and what this internship means to me. I chose to come here through where I am currently going to college. The Seattle University here works along the side of Highline College, where I go to school. My advisor told me about this opportunity and I was interested. Later on I filled out the application and got it in. I came down here with the career specialist from Highline and got interviewed by Bob Hughes, Casey Hicks, and Cinda. After the interview I was accepted and made it in. I started working with Casey Hicks for a while. She had me doing organizing, transcribing notes, computer projects, and scanning of Bob Hughes’s binders. I liked working with her. She was a fun person to work with. I got to meet different faces that I otherwise didn’t know and had a blast. After working with Casey for a while though, Jay and Gina then asked Casey if I could work with them one day a week and the other day with Casey. From then on I have been working with the girls on the third floor. Jay and Gina had similar tasks for me that I did before with Casey. They had me doing transcribing notes, counting of flow sheets and other flyers, looking over a website, and many others. To me working here was actually so fun. The work was so fun it wasn’t work at all. The staff that I was around were friendly and fun to work with. This was so fun. I loved working here. It made me want to come here in the future to become a student here so I could come back to my workplace just  to visit all of them again.