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Updates for Summer 2021

August 17, 2021

Welcome back!

We hope you are coming back from a restful and rejuvenating summer!

As we return to school, there are lots of variables that will influence how this school year emerges. We know you have the skills, passion, and drive to make it a good year for everyone.

Although there will be many changes occurring upon our return, there are some constants that prevail, especially in the predictors of post-school success for students with disabilities. This newsletter includes details about those predictors and reminders about this year's Post-School Survey.

The CCTS team is here to provide support and guidance throughout the school year. Please reach out if we can be of assistance!

The CCTS team

Success is not determined by the outcome. The outcome is the result of having already decided that you are successful to begin with. -T.F. Hodge
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2021 Post-School Survey (2019-20 leaver year)

The Post-School Survey for 2019-20 leavers is open through November 1. Schools must verify their Leaver Survey Lists before making survey phone calls.

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Transition Foundations: Asynchronous Online Training

Transition training materials are available in self-paced, online formats. Each training includes a workbook and a series of PowerPoint modules that can be reviewed individually or with a group (recommended).

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Past Training Materials

If you missed any of our trainings from the 2020-21 school year, PowerPoint slide decks from all our presentations are available on the CCTS website. Recording links are also available for many of the trainings.

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Job Opportunity: Director of Transition Services at CCTS

Are you (or someone you know) passionate about improving post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities in Washington state? CCTS is searching for a Director of Transition Services! 

The Director of Transition Services at CCTS designs and provides professional development in secondary special education and transition services to CCTS personnel, contractors, school district partners, and Washington stakeholders. This position also provides technical assistance and support to CCTS staff and to the field in meeting the requirements of Indicators B1, B2, B13, and B14, and analyzes and evaluates data from B13, the Post-School Survey, and the QuIST.

Take a look at the complete Seattle University job posting and please share with anyone who might be interested.

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