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Post-School Outcome Data Updates and Presentations

January 11, 2019

Now Available: Post-School Outcome Presentations

Post-School Outcome Data Review presentations for districts, ESDs, and Washington state are now available for download. These PowerPoint and PDF files include a selection of accessible charts and graphs from the TSF2. 

Updated Post-School Outcome Data (01/03/2019)

You may note small changes to state-level post-school outcome data since the initial 12/14/2018 publish. Calculation errors in the TSF2 were resolved on 01/03/2019. As a result, changes to your local data may be reflected in the following areas:

  • Overall Post-School Outcomes (Other Education)
  • Outcomes by Exit Categories (Dropped Out), 
  • Outcomes by Disability Categories (Other Health Impairments, Other Disability, and Specific Learning Disability).

A revised CCTS Indicator B14 Post-School Outcome Report, 2016-17 - PDF is available. A complete list of updates can be found on page 16.