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Inclusionary Practices Project Newsletter | July 2020

July 21, 2020

Welcome to the CCTS Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP) Newsletter! Throughout the duration of this project, we look forward to sharing resources, spotlighting activities across the state, and encouraging dialogue using Basecamp. Read on for inclusionary practice reflections, a schedule of upcoming events, and stories from the field.

Reflection: Confronting Hidden Bias

While our primary focus for the IPP is on people with disabilities, it is important for us to remember that inclusionary practices is a bigger conversation with various levels, intersections, and impacts. To encourage broader thinking and conversation about inclusion, Inclusion Starts With I is a video that demonstrates that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways—and that each of us has the power to make a difference. 

man holding a sign that reads

This video reminded me of an interaction I recently had with one of my neighbors. I moved into my house two years ago and am continuing to learn more about my neighborhood and my neighbors through those “fence conversations.” Just a few weeks ago, I was working in a corner of my yard that is adjacent to a neighbor I have not had much opportunity to talk with as they have a new baby.

We were both pulling weeds (great opportunity to strike up a conversation), and I asked how COVID has affected his going back to work. He told me he is now a stay at home dad, and that his wife works at a nearby hospital. We chatted a bit about COVID and what his wife had experienced, then I asked the question that now makes me cringe...“Oh, is she a nurse?”
The husband said, “No, she is a doctor in the emergency room.”

I was horrified at my hidden bias in assuming that since she is a women, her job would be a nurse rather than another medical profession. What was I thinking? How could I have said that differently? Where did that come from? These were just a few of the questions which immediately ran through my mind. Well, I recovered the conversation and talked about my two nieces who are also emergency room doctors (whew, a common ground) and medical schools, etc. But this experience shook me to my core. I have been reflecting on it a great deal over the past weeks, and many questions come to mind:

  • How can we re-channel thinking about gender and work opportunities?
  • What views and values about work are being taught to students?
  • How do we influence the community to look at all people through a lens of inclusion and equity to make this a better world?
  • How do each of us need to address and change our thinking?

Please engage in a conversation on Basecamp so we can learn together to do better


Kris Hirschmann, Director of Transition Services, CCTS

horizontal ruleSchedule of Upcoming Online Workshops

Designed for General, Special, and Career Technical Education educators and administrators.

High School and Beyond Plans (HSBPs): Aligning with IEPs

August 11, 2020; 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PDT

This online workshop provides general information and guidelines to educators, staff, and administrators for developing and aligning the HSBP and the IEP, including suggestions for minimizing duplication.

Register for the High School and Beyond Plans workshop

T-Folio 101+

August 12, 2020; 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PDT

This online workshop expands the content of previous T-Folio 101 webinars to include implementation in online environments, CTE classrooms, and the development of the HSBP.

Register for the T-Folio 101+ workshop

Effective Collaboration: Why, What, and How?

August 18, 2020; 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PDT

This online workshop focuses on processes and skills that support effective teaming, as well as potential challenges and barriers.

Register for the Effective Collaboration workshop

Accommodations 101

August 19, 2020; 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PDT

This online workshop provides general information and strategies for identifying and implementing accommodations in the classroom. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss challenges they may be experiencing around identifying accommodations for their classrooms.

Register for the Accommodations 101 workshop

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Third Thursday Conversations

  • Join CCTS for monthly Zoom conversations about inclusionary practices. The goal is to share ideas, questions, progress, and best practices in an informal environment.
  • CTE staff, special education staff, district leaders, and anyone interested in increasing inclusionary practices in schools are encouraged to attend.
  • Topics will vary from month to month. Visit the for details about future Third Thursday themes.

September 17, 2020 | Finding Your CTE Data

This informal discussion is intended to provide participants with ideas about accessing and examining district-level data related to their CTE and existing inclusionary practices.

Register for Third Thursday on 9/17/2020 - CTE Data

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Stories from the Field

One of the most common pieces of feedback CCTS receives related to the IPP is that people want access to what others are doing in the field. "Stories from the Field" is an ongoing way we hope to amplify voices so we can learn from one another’s experiences.

Increasing Inclusion and Collaboration with Evergreen Public Schools

This month, the focus is on Evergreen Public Schools. Gary Hale (CCTS Project Specialist interviewed Kim Berhow (Assistant Director of College and CTE) and Todd Karnofski (Special Education Coordinator) from Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, Washington to talk about their 10-year journey toward greater inclusion.

Their conversation addresses various topics such as increasing collaboration, how to approach systemic change and the connection between CTE and Special Education.

Read the full conversation

headshots of Kim Berhow and Todd Karnovsky

Are you interested in sharing your story or experience about how inclusive practices are being approached in your area? E-mail Gary to be featured in an upcoming newsletter.

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