Service Learning Checklist

Before you start: To participate in service-learning, you must be a member of your service-learning class portal in ConnectSU (powered by OrgSync). If you haven’t received an email from ConnectSU (powered by OrgSync) inviting you to the portal, please email Bonnie at immediately.


  • Step 1: Complete Your Training

Check your email for a link to the online training. You can also find the link in your service-learning portal in ConnectSU.


  • Step 2: Register for a Position

Review the position options in your service-learning class portal and register for your position by clicking on the green “Sign up Now” button.


If you change your mind, please click on the “Can’t Make It” button to reopen the slot for other students. Only sign up for one position at a time.


  • Step 3: Contact your Supervisor

Call and/or email your supervisor. You are not guaranteed a position until you have confirmed the placement with your supervisor. Schedule an orientation date and your first shift as soon as possible.


  • Step 4: Track Your Involvement

After every shift, click on the “Track Your Involvement” button on your ConnectSU service-learning portal to log your hours.


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