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Click on the slideshow to review montlhy Zoom call slides and view call videos on our YouTube channel or embedded below.  

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Facilitators Kent Koth (Seattle University) and Jennifer Pigza ,PhD (Saint Mary's College of California) reviewed the network’s values statement. This was an opportunity for folks to explore the shared values that unite us as a professional group and begin to brainstorm ways to realize our values in our shared work.

AyeNay Abye and Erin Burrows of Seattle University facilitate a zoom discussion on intersectionality and how it applied to place-based community engagement. 

Chris Nayve of The Univeristy of San Diego and Erin O'Keefe of Loyola Univeristy Maryland share their perspectives on community voice.  

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Place-Based Community Engagement Book 

While an increasing number of universities have or are committed to engaging their campuses in their surrounding communities, many recognize they lack the strategic focus and resources to maximize and sustain their impact on those communities. Place-based community engagement provides a powerful way to creatively connect campus and community to foster positive social transformation. Learn more about the book here.

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