PBJN Next Generation Fellowship


PBJN Next Generation Fellows 2019-2020


What is the fellowship experience?  With facilitation from PBJN Steering Committee members, the Fellows will participate in (1) a one-day retreat prior to the summer 2020 PBJ Institute, (2) monthly zoom calls, (3) individualized coaching and (4) the PBJN Leaders Retreat in December 2020.  The PBJN Steering Committee members will create a learning curriculum for the retreat and the zoom calls that will explore the process and practice of working to deconstruct systems of oppression through place-based community engagement. 

Facilitated by members of the PBJN Steering Committee, consisting of seasoned professionals throughout our network, the Next Generation Fellowship is designed to assist emerging professionals of color in the community engagement field in thinking critically about who they are, who they are called to become, and how they can find the support they need to reach their goals. 

The Next Generation Fellowship is co-led by John Loggins (University of San Diego) and Roxanne De La Torre (Fordham University) for the 2020-21 academic year. 


Meet the 2020-21 Cohort in this Directory of Next Generation Fellows (PDF)




2019-2020 Next Generation Fellowship Pilot 

The PBJN launched a pilot program with six Next Generation Fellows during spring 2019. Learn more about the Fellowship via this announcement to the Network via this letter from the Steering Committee in the Spring of 2019. The Fellowship is designed to nurture a more diverse and inclusive network by supporting emerging leaders of color who work with place-based community engagement efforts on their campuses and in their communities. Six Fellows will participate in (1) a one-day retreat prior to the PBJN Summer Institute 2019, (2) monthly zoom calls, (3) individualized coaching and (4) the PBJN Leadership Retreat in December 2019.