Faculty Funding and Fellowships

Community Engaged Learning Faculty Fellows  

Community Engaged Learning Fellows explore the theory and practice of community engaged learning and how to integrate this methodology into their courses. Fellows receive a stipend and curriculum resources focused on the use of community engaged learning as a pedagogy. Fellows meet regularly throughout the year to support each other in the process of revising a syllabus to include community engaged learning, teach the revised course, and conduct an action research project in which they collect data to answer a research question related to the community engaged learning or community impacts aspects of their new course. Faculty new to community engaged learning as well as experienced practitioners are welcome. The Community Engaged Learning Fellows Program is open to all faculty, tenure track and non-tenure track.


Community Engaged Justice Fellows

University community engagement frequently raises thorny issues relating to power and privilege. Community-based research challenges faculty to form authentic relationships with communities that are different from their own, but we are often ill-prepared for the cultural differences and power dynamics we encounter. Community engaged learning, which is intended to benefit communities while enhancing student learning, can cause faculty and students to worry they are doing more harm in the community than good. How can we prepare ourselves and our students to be more effective and ethical in our community engagement?

This seminar is geared toward faculty who are already involved in community engagement, whether through teaching or scholarship. We will examine issues of identity, race, power, and privilege, all from the perspective of doing community engagement with a social justice framework. Read more details on ConnectSU. 


Community Engaged Research Fellowship

The CCE offers summer and academic year fellowships for faculty to support community-engaged research that demonstrates a clear connection to issues relating to Yesler Terrace and/or surrounding neighborhoods and one of the following six areas: affordable housing, education, health, environment, arts, or economic opportunity. Applicants must name a community partner in their project proposal. Contact Cecilia Morales to access the Clearinghouse on ConnectSU for research needs identified by our partner organizations.

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