Kelsey Gallagher

AmeriCorps Member at Washington Middle School

My job description in a Tweet

"I work with crazy middle schoolers who make me LOL on a daily basis. I also coordinate the Redhawk Academic Mentoring Program After School!"

Favorite weekend hobby

Back when I lived in New Hampshire and had a car, my favorite thing to do was drive up and down the Atlantic coast, especially on cold, gray days, when the ocean seemed really moody, and as a moody teenager I could really relate.

What I wanted to be when I was a little kid

I wanted to be a marine life trainer, like working with Shamu and Flipper, until I realized I had to study a lot of science and that keeping those animals in captivity is really messed up.

Favorite song

On theme with all my other answers, my favorite song is "Seaside" by The Kooks, because I used to listen to it when I would drive up and down the seaside as a moody teenager, and when I turned 18, I got "seaside" tattooed on my arm.

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