Find an Internship or Job

Our resources and career advisors can lead you through a thorough process to create more manageable steps during your search. We offer customized assistance and job search resources to help you tailor your search in these ways:

Prepare - Engage in self-discernment about the types of opportunities you are seeking, define your career goals, and customize your job search materials.

Strategize - Uncover job opportunities through networking, specific job search engines, industry events and professional associations, and utilize the Redhawk Network.

Apply - Develop confidence in your interviewing skills, and keep your correspondence organized. Set manageable goals and reward yourself for small accomplishments.

Overall, it's important to stay proactive, maintain a positive mindset, and utilize your network (personal and professional) for support throughout your search process.

 A Powerful Network

Internships and jobs abound in the places that make Seattle an international hub of technology, commerce, research, and community services. Tap into the powerful Redhawk Network of employers to get started.

Top Employer Partners hiring for internships and full-time job opportunities: