Explore Careers

Did you know that on average, you will have between 6-8 careers in your lifetime? As a student, new graduate, or experienced alum, you don't necessarily need to know your exact or perfect career. Take time to explore your options through research, talking with people in your field(s) of interest, and gaining relevant experience through internships, volunteering, or part-time work.

Many majors will provide you with a transferable skill set that can translate into many types of jobs. There are direct and indirect relationships between what you choose as your course of study and what types of jobs you qualify for. However, there are some careers that require a certain course of study.

Majors: Direct Relationships

Majors relate directly to a specific career

Education » Teacher

Accounting » Accountant

Athletic Training  » Athletic Trainer

Engineering  » Engineer

Majors: Indirect Relationships

Majors relate indirectly to a range of career choices

History  -- Foreign Service Officer, Journalist, Archivist

Public Affairs  -- City Planner, Legislator, Non-Profit Administrator

Exercise Science -- Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Cardiac Rehab, Health Administrator


The experiences you gain through extracurricular activities, internships, and work will help guide you in choosing your first or future professional position.  Consider what additional options may complement your major or be an opportunity to gain relevant skills.