Explore Majors


Explore Majors & Careers

Choosing a major can feel like a big decision.  The good news is that this decision can be made easier if you take the time to explore how your "personal profile" (your personality, skills, interests, and values) fits with different major choices.  Additionally, looking into academic courses and career ideas can help you clarify even more. The major you choose may or may not directly impact your career decision, but the experiences you gain through extracurricular activities and internships will also help guide you in choosing your first or future professional position. 

To explore majors, take the time to:

Reflect on your Personal Profile

Knowing more about your values, personality, interests and skills will help you narrow down which majors are most interesting for you to pursue.  Schedule an advising appointment for the MyPlan self-assessment.

Explore & Research

Gather information about Seattle U's 80+ majors by understanding more about course requirements and which classes are of most interest to you.  Additionally, talk with your academic advisor or the Premajor Studies Program in the Bellarmine Advising Center to discuss more options.


Investigate Careers

Selecting one major does not mean that you are limiting yourself to one career.  There are direct and indirect relationships between what you choose as your course of study and what types of jobs you qualify for.  Many majors don't necessarily determine your career but give you a transferable skill set that can translate into many types of jobs.  However, there are some careers that require a certain course of study. Some professions, such as engineering, medicine, or teaching, will necessitate specific educational requirements. 


Learn more about each of these steps in our Exploring Majors & Careers Guide.