Undergraduate Students

Did you know that at Seattle University, your professional development starts from day one? Your work in the classroom, your involvement in athletics, clubs and activities, your service to the community, all demonstrate the potential value you bring to an organization. Your challenge is to draw from your diverse experiences in a meaningful way, and communicate that to potential employers.

Career Services helps students uncover their personal profile with a variety of tools and discussion. By examining one’s experience, we begin to identify what we have to offer to an organization and where we want to work and what we want to do.

Career development can seem daunting and overwhelming. We take this complex process and break it down into smaller, manageable steps. At the most basic level, you are collecting information to move towards making decisions. Based on your personality, you may have more comfort and strengths in certain aspects of this process, but it is important to pursue a balanced approach.

The basic skills you need to navigate the career development process are self-awareness/personal mastery, research and communication skills. Self-awareness/personal mastery involves reflection and effective goal setting.

Research involves learning about industries and organizations, networking and job and internship search strategies. Communication involves written (resume, cover letter, personal statement), verbal (interviewing, networking). The challenge is to connect these areas, to be aware of an interest, strength, value or characteristic that fits and serves the needs of an organization and to be able to concisely articulate that connection.