Career & Major Selection

Planning is an important ingredient in a successful, satisfying career. In some cases, selection of your major or field of study leads to a direct path, specifically in fields requiring technical knowledge and skills, for example accounting, nursing or engineering. In many other cases, the connection is not as direct or clear.

The purpose of this appointment:

To help you analyze the information you have, identify the information you need and develop a document that integrates your academic and career planning. You will leave with greater confidence, clarity and focus.

To prepare for this session, make 3 lists: 

questions you have

work you would most want or you would enjoy

areas in which you have a lot of skill, knoweldge or experience

What to bring: 

 your questions/lists from above

any completed any self-assessments

a notebook or device on which you can take notes of the conversation

Common questions addressed in this appointment: 

"I can't decide on a major, can you help?"

"I don't like my field of study, what should I do?"

"What can I do with my degree?"

"I know what I want to do, but how do I get there?"