Career Services at Seattle University offers a wide range of programs and services to help you learn about your own professional formation and find the career that is right for you. We can help you with choosing or changing your major, exploring career paths, finding internships, conducting a successful job search, applying to graduate school and preparing for your first professional job. Our staff is passionate about helping you find work that is meaningful to you and that will allow you to contribute your talents, skills and experience to make a difference in the world. It's never too early to visit our office!




Exploring Careers

Career Services helps students uncover their personal profile through a Professional Formation Model. Career develpment can seem daunting or overwhelming so we break it down into small manageable steps towards making decisions that are aligned with who you are.


Career Services Model graphic



Job & Internship Search

Find employers who are specifically seeking SU students on Handshake! We maintain an online database of jobs, internships and career events for all Undergraduate, Graduate, and Alumni of Seattle University.


Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes have one humble but important job: to open a door and get you an interview.We can work with you regardless of your level of experience. From first time resume writers to seasoned professionals, working with our advisors will improve your chances of success!

Mock Interviews & Negotiation

While the resume gets you the interview, it's the interview that gets you the job!  It's so important to be prepared, including by researching the company and the individual(s) you're meeting with, anticipating and practicing questions, and preparing questions to ask during your interview.  There are many ways the Department of Career Development can help you get ready for your interview:

Graduate School Preparation

Graduate school is an important decision and we can help you with the decision and application.

Diversity & Affinity Groups

As you think about your career path, it's important to recognize the value your identity and background can bring to a work environment and job. Employers appreciate the unique insight these experiences bring to a workplace and team. 

You may also feel that your background may pose additional challenges as you discern your career path. Career Services advisors are available to assist you in finding opportunities to explore careers, connect with professionals, and ask helpful questions to determine your best fit with an employer.