Career Services

Prepare to Apply for a Job or Internship

  • Guide to writing Employment Letters

    Guide to writing Cover Letters, Thank You Letters and Acceptance Letters. Offers tips on format & content and includes numerous examples.

    Resume Guide

    Guides you through what to include on your resume, gives suggestions for formatting and content plus examples of different styles of resumes. The resume guide also includes a list of action verbs to make your experience stand out from the crowd.

    Job and Internship Search Guide

    This guide offers resources for online job and internship searches as well as tips on gathering information from family and friends to increase your job search potential.

    Interviewing Guide

    Tips for preparing for an interview from what to wear and what to bring to how to answer those tough questions. Going over the list of likely interview questions will help you organize your thoughts and appear confident when answering.

    Networking and Informational Interviewing Guide

    Learn how to expand your professional network and get the most out of it by reading this guide. Have you considered conducting informational interviews to learn more about your career field? This guide will help you through the process of initating contact, asking the right questions and how to follow up afterwards.