Resumes & Cover Letters

A resume and cover letter are often the primary tools in applying for professional internships, jobs, scholarships and graduate school. These documents make your first impression with an organization. To be most effective, tailor every resume and cover letter you submit. We can work with you regardless of your level of experience--from first time resume writers to seasoned professionals--working with our advisors will improve your chances of success!

Request Advising Appointment

The purpose of this appointment:

To review your materials with an advisor and to receive helpful tips and objective feedback on your materials. You will leave with greater confidence and knowledge of how to craft the most effective application materials.

To prepare for this appointment: 

Update your resume to include the most recent and relevant information.

Do some research on your intended audience and note the following:

  • What is most important to this industry or organization?
  • What key words, concepts, or ideas relate to this industry or organization?

What to bring:

A copy of your resume (if you have one) or a list of things that you think you would include in your first resume.

A copy of a specific opportunity for which you plan to apply and the application instructions.



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Introduction to 3-Part Cover Letters

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Resume Achievement Statements


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What is Lockin China?  is the largest global career development and recruitment platform specializing in supporting students and recent graduates find employment in China.

The platform is used by over 500,000 students and 20,000 employers.

The Chinese job market is growing and employers in China are increasingly looking to recruit students and graduates with international experience.

Use Lockin China to:

  • view the latest graduate job and internship opportunities in China
  • upload your CV and apply for vacancies
  • learn about the Chinese job market and making effective applications
  • participate in competitions organized by companies in China 

The portal is open to all Seattle University students and graduates interested in finding employment in China. Students can create their profiles on the platform to explore jobs in China by visiting