Interviewing is a skill, and you can become more effective with practice. Regardless of your level of experience and confidence, it always helps to meet with one of our advisors for a mock interview to review the information you plan to share in your interview and to practice answering questions on the spot.

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The purpose of this appointment:

To give you the opportunity to respond to some typical interview questions, including some of the more challenging ones. You will receive objective feedback on your overall presence and body language as well as the clarity, conciseness, and effectiveness of your responses. You will leave with a clear idea of where to focus your preparations and how to make an impression that will lead to job offers.

To prepare for this appointment:

Get as much information about the interview as you can, such as the format, duration, and number of interviewers.

  • Consider what two strengths you bring to the position.
  • Choose 3-5 examples that clearly demonstrate your qualifications.
  • Think of three reasons you are interested in the position or employer.

What to bring: 

  • A copy of your application materials (resume and cover letter).
  • A copy of the job description you will interview for or a sample of a job that interests you.


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The S.T.A.R. Interviewing method

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